Cab air quality systems 

Since the introduction of the FFTube, this model has been widely used on machines from 3 to 100 tons. The system is characterized by its compact size in combination with the high filter capacity. Part of the technique used comes from the FF MultiBox. For example, the FFTube sucks the air against the force of gravity through the filter medium, which considerably prolongs the life of the filters. The dirt can also fall out of the unit due to vibrations of the machine.

The round filters ensure that these can not possibly be placed incorrectly. The air is distributed 100% proportionally over the filter, and preferential air flows are a thing of the past. The single radial blower in the unit makes less noise compared to other units because the speed is lower at the same air output. The most important feature of the FFTube is its compact size.

Machines are compacted and that has the downside that an overpressure system is less easy to install. The FFTube can be mounted on almost all machines without any expensive subframe; the unit is only 350mm in diameter with a height of 420mm, and can filter up to P3 / HEPA level in combination with 3.3 Kg. Kool! Should the remediation be a carbon filter of 10 Kg. require the unit to be optionally equipped with a high cap. This cap can be placed on the base of the FFTube, and can be changed without tools.

SizeDiam.: 350mm. Height: leeg 140mm, P1/P3 filter 420mm, P1/P3/Active-Carbon 830mm
Empty Weight13Kg
HousingCompletely SS304
Voltage12 of 24Volt @ 60 Watt
ControllingFFController, PPM measuring optional
Max. pressure440Pa
FiltercapacityP1, P3, 3,3 en 10Kg Active-Carbon A(BEKHg)

The FFMultibox is the most used cab air quality system on excavators, wheel loaders and dumpers. The patented design makes it possible to extend the life of the dust filters to more than 4x compared to conventional systems. The unit is controlled as standard with one of our control systems, so that you can always do your work in accordance with the latest regulations.

Whether you are in extreme dust situations or a 3T remediation, the FFMultiBox is by far the best system available in the market.

Advantages of the FFMultibox:

  • The suction opening is more than 15 times larger than that of conventional units
  • The filters in the FFMultibox are self-cleaning
  • The lifespan of filters is more than 4 times longer compared to conventional systems
  • The FFMultibox has three filter detection sensors

The Freshfilter Multibox is supplied with filters in the size 595x395mm, with a filling height of 200mm. There is a P1, P3 and 11 Kg carbon filter in the standard configuration.

The FFMultibox is also available in an XS and XL variant. The different dimensions relate to the filter size; the XS uses filters of 600x336mm (the same as FFM10), with a filling height of 150mm. The FFMultibox XL uses filters of 595x595mm with a filling height of 200mm. The 3 different sizes of the FFMultibox are all suitable for the heaviest remediation class.

Measurements815 x 435 x 295 mm
Filtersize595 x 395 mm
Fillerheight 200 mm
Empty weight28 Kg. excl. filters
HousingSS 304
Voltage12V of 24V, 240 Watt max.
Max. pressure440 Pascal, 120 m³/h
RegulationsNEN4444 en/of CROW400
Active-carbont/m 17 kilo
MountingQuick release or fixed
Filterdetection3x optical detection
Size815 x 375 x 205 mm
Filtersize600 x 336 mm Fillerheight 150mm
Empty weight21 Kg. excl. filters
Voltage12V of 24V, 240 Watt max.
Max. Pressure440 Pascal, 120 m³/h
RegulationNEN4444 / CROW400
Active-Carbon filtrationt/m 10 kilogram
MountingQuickrelease of fixed
Filterdetection3x optical sensors
Size830 x 668 x 297 mm
Filtersize595 x 595 mm
Fillerheight 200 mm
Empty weight38 Kg. excl. filters
Voltage12V of 24V, 240 Watt max.
Max. pressure440Pa
RegulationNEN4444 en/of CROW400
Active-Carbonup to 22 kilogram
MountingQuick release of fixed
Filterdetection3x optical detection

The Freshfilter M10 cab air quality system offers a universal system for retrofitting on every type of machinery.

The unit is designed to fit on top of a cabin, without compromising the round view of the cabin operator. The unit is perfectly suitable for installation on fork lift trucks, sprayer cabins, excavators, shovels, etc. The unit has capacity to install HEPA elements, combined with 10 Kgs of carbon filters. This combination will safeguard the operator from toxic gas and/or silica dusts. The unit is capable of filtering 120m3/h and can filter up to 99,95% removal efficiency, this supersedes the class 4 cabin requirements by far!

The M10 unit features 2x optical filterdetection, IP67 Deutsch connectors, stainless steel (304) enclosure and an UV resistant ABS plastic cover. The  spring structure ensures that the filter elements are pressed into their sealing. The FFM10 is headed by the FFController 2000 or 5000 series controller, and is available in both 12 or 24V.

Thanks to our own developed overpressure systems and the use of parts that have already been developed in the M10, we have been able to keep the price extra sharp – and yet be able to guarantee our trusted quality!

Size (l x w x h)735 mm x 645 mm x 205 mm
Filtersize (l x w)600 mm x 336 mm Fillerheight: 120 mm
Empty weight21 kg
HousingRVS 304 unit with plasic UV resistant hood
Voltage12V or 24V, 240 Watt max.
Control FFController (with optional PPM sensor)
Max. pressure440 Pascal, 120 m³/h
RegulationNEN4444 of CROW400
GasfiltrationUp to 10 Kg. activ-carbon A(BEKHg)
MountingBrackets or quick change frame (optioneel)
ConnectionDeutsch 6-polig DT serie
Filterdetection2x IP67 proximity sensor

The FFBox is a universal filter overpressure system, for both trucks and excavators. For trucks, the system is fitted with a skylight adapter when installed on the roof. Different assembly sets are available for this purpose for each brand of car. The control system is mounted in the inside panel so that it is easy to read and operate. The FFBox is equipped with a hose connection for mounting on off-road equipment.

A big advantage of the FFBox is the use of round filters; the end user can therefore no longer make any mistakes with regard to the placement of the filters, the round filter elements fall into each other exactly and therefore no need to install filler frames, filter order, etc.

The large round filters also give the FFBox a 100% proportional air intake, which results in an optimal dirt loading of the filters; preferential air flows through the filters remain absent. Compared to conventional filter systems, the FFBox has more than twice as much filter surface.

Size (l x w x h)850 mm x 850 mm x 215 mm
Filter size (l x b)600 mm x 336 mm Fillerheight: 120 mm
Empty weight32Kg. excl filters
HousingSS304 base en aluminium hood
Voltage12V of 24V, 240 Watt max.
Control FFController 3000 of 5000 (with optional PPM sensor)
Max. pressure440 Pascal, 120 m³/h
RegulationNEN4444 or CROW400
Dust filtrationP1/P2/P3
Gas filtrationUp till 10 Kg. Active-carbon A(BEKHg)
MountingRoof mounting (trucks&machines) or 4-point base
ConnectionDeutsch 6-polig DT serie
Filter detection3x Stainless steel n-open circuit