Freshfilter supplies cab air quality systems to provide a healthy breathing air to operator stations on earthmoving machinery, used in contaminated areas such as mining, argiculture, forestry, demolition and waste handling industries.

To prevent ambient air from entering the operators cabin, a slight positive pressure difference (1 milibar / 100 pascal) is created to ensure that there is always an outflowing airstream from the cabin. The necessary inflowing air for achieving this pressure difference, is always entered into the cabin through the filtration device. To minimize the amount of inflowing air, the cabin is sealed to approx air tightness, and a control unit is placed in the cabin to safeguard the pressure.

Freshfilter supplies gas filters, particle filters and dust filters conform EN1822, EN779 and EN12941. No respiratory devices have to be used anymore, when filter elements are combined according to the pollution

In the Netherlands, air filtration devices have been obliged when working in an aromatic, dusty or toxic environment since 1995; for instance, when moving earth of a former gas station or of a former waste belt. Dutch regulations are devised both to protect employers from liability law suits as well as to protect the health of employees when working in harsh conditions.

Although air filtration may seem a luxury item in an aromatic environment of a chicken farm, it is a bare necessity when working with asbestos or in dust or toxic fumes. Moreover, strict European legislation for the air quality is likely to find its way into global legislation. Recently for example Canadian laws already require cab air quality systems when working with silica dust. Also in agriculture the demand for air quality improvement is increasing rapidly with the introduction of the class 4 (europe) or ECPAD/ECPAR/ASABE (US only) standard.

Freshfilter can help your company ensure a safe work environment for your employees. With our patented products we will improve effectiveness, continuity, health and safety but also decrease operator costs resulting from illness . You and your operators can always rely on the Freshfilter cab air filtration units to provide clean and healthy air during work.

Sectors we serve:

  • Mining
  • Demolition & Asbestos removal
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Bulk stevedoring
  • Waste management & Recycling
  • Governmental & military
  • Manufacturer & OEM level