The FFMultibox is the most used cab air quality system on excavators, wheel loaders and dumpers. The patented design makes it possible to extend the life of the dust filters to more than 4x compared to conventional systems. The unit is controlled as standard with one of our control systems, so that you can always do your work in accordance with the latest regulations.

Whether you are in extreme dust situations or a 3T remediation, the FFMultiBox is by far the best system available in the market.


Conventional cab air systems suck the polluted air through an inlet opening. Then the air passes through the filters from above (coarse, p1 filter) downwards (where an active carbon filter is usually installed). The problem here is twofold.

The suction opening of the conventional units is usually a relatively small slot. Air accelerations take place in the vicinity of the suction opening, so that dust is sucked into the unit.

The dust, once passed through the suction opening, also remains on the filter. It can not be out of the unit in any other way than replacing the (expensive) filters. The characteristic system of the FFMultibox ensures that the above-described properties do not occur.


With the FFMultibox you can be sure that the disadvantages of conventional units will be completely absent. The intake opening is more than 15 times larger in area and even covers the entire bottom of the unit. The dirt that reaches the dust filters does not stay in the filter cloth due to gravity and falls out of the unit.


Not only gravity causes the larger dust particles to prevent premature clogging of the coarse dust filter, the coarse dust filter is also constantly cleaned by vibrations of the machine! The low suction speed strengthens this effect; dust particles do not or hardly stick to the filter cloth due to the low air velocity. This combination ensures a (proven) 4x longer life of the filters!

Measurements815 x 435 x 295 mm
Filtersize595 x 395 mm
Fillerheight 200 mm
Empty weight28 Kg. excl. filters
HousingSS 304
Voltage12V of 24V, 240 Watt max.
Max. pressure440 Pascal, 120 m³/h
RegulationsNEN4444 en/of CROW400
Active-carbont/m 17 kilo
MountingQuick release or fixed
Filterdetection3x optical detection