The Freshfilter M10 cab air quality system offers a universal system for retrofitting on every type of machinery. The unit is designed to fit on top of a cabin, without compromising the round view of the cabin operator. The unit is perfectly suitable for installation on fork lift trucks, sprayer cabins, excavators, shovels, etc. The unit has capacity to install HEPA elements, combined with 10 Kgs of carbon filters. This combination will safeguard the operator from toxic gas and/or silica dusts. The unit is capable of filtering 120m3/h and can filter up to 99,95% removal efficiency, this supersedes the class 4 cabin requirements by far!

The M1o unit features 2x optical filterdetection, IP67 Deutsch connectors, stainless steel (304) enclosure and an UV resistant ABS plastic cover. The  spring structure ensures that the filter elements are pressed into their sealing. The FFM10 is headed by the FFController 2000 or 5000 series controller, and is available in both 12 or 24V

Size (l x w x h)735 mm x 645 mm x 205 mm
Filtersize (l x w)600 mm x 336 mm Fillerheight: 120 mm
Empty weight21 kg
HousingRVS 304 unit with plasic UV resistant hood
Voltage12V or 24V, 240 Watt max.
Control FFController (with optional PPM sensor)
Max. pressure440 Pascal, 120 m³/h
RegulationNEN4444 of CROW400
GasfiltrationUp to 10 Kg. activ-carbon A(BEKHg)
MountingBrackets or quick change frame (optioneel)
ConnectionDeutsch 6-polig DT serie
Filterdetection2x IP67 proximity sensor
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