The FFBox is a universal filter overpressure system, for both trucks and excavators. For trucks, the system is fitted with a skylight adapter when installed on the roof. Different assembly sets are available for this purpose for each brand of car. The control system is mounted in the inside panel so that it is easy to read and operate. The FFBox is equipped with a hose connection for mounting on off-road equipment.

A big advantage of the FFBox is the use of round filters; the end user can therefore no longer make any mistakes with regard to the placement of the filters, the round filter elements fall into each other exactly and therefore no need to install filler frames, filter order, etc.

The large round filters also give the FFBox a 100% proportional air intake, which results in an optimal dirt loading of the filters; preferential air flows through the filters remain absent. Compared to conventional filter systems, the FFBox has more than twice as much filter surface.

Size (l x w x h)850 mm x 850 mm x 215 mm
Filter size (l x b)600 mm x 336 mm Fillerheight: 120 mm
Empty weight32Kg. excl filters
HousingSS304 base en aluminium hood
Voltage12V of 24V, 240 Watt max.
Control FFController 3000 of 5000 (with optional PPM sensor)
Max. pressure440 Pascal, 120 m³/h
RegulationNEN4444 or CROW400
Dust filtrationP1/P2/P3
Gas filtrationUp till 10 Kg. Active-carbon A(BEKHg)
MountingRoof mounting (trucks&machines) or 4-point base
ConnectionDeutsch 6-polig DT serie
Filter detection3x Stainless steel n-open circuit
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