Control Systems

Freshfilter develops and produces the signaling systems for the cabin itself. This ensures that every system is fully up-to-date and meets the latest guidelines. More importantly, it relieves the operator completely in the field of personal protection. The control systems have been developed in such a way that the system can perform their work fully automatically, without interaction, and timely inform about potential dangers. This prevents expensive downtime and ad-hoc work on location.

FFController 3000 series

When the controller is in automatic mode, it ensures that the overpressure in the cabin remains at least 100PA. This guarantees the lowest possible flow rate, so that the contact time with carbon always remains correct. Up to three different filter types can be detected and displayed on the control panel. When a filter is removed or not mounted correctly, this is immediately …

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FFController 5000 series

The new FFController 5000 series is one of the latest generation of cab monitoring. All functions of the first generation controller can be found in this all-rounder. The new FFController 5000 series has the same form factor as the 3000 series. The clear display gives all the information needed to maintain a safe working environment in the cabin, and alerts you in time when there is a danger. There are also possibilities to read out remote alarms using the 3G network.

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All Freshfilter systems are equipped with a single universal cable connection. If you want to upgrade from a 3000 series to a 5000 series, this is possible without having to install a whole new cable harness through the cab.