Freshfilter develops and produces the signaling systems for the cabin itself. This ensures that every system is fully up-to-date and meets the latest guidelines. More importantly, it relieves the operator completely in the field of personal protection. The control systems have been developed in such a way that the system can perform their work fully automatically, without interaction, and timely inform about potential dangers. This prevents expensive downtime and ad-hoc work on location.

For several years, Freshfilter has replaced the FFController 2000 series with the digital 3000/3001 series. This cabin controller is completely digital, works faster and has a more modern appearance, so that it fits seamlessly with the current cabin equipment.

The FFController 3000 series is used to optimally control the pressure system. To turn the Controller on and off, hold down the red MODE button for 3 seconds. From the moment you switch on the FFController, the overpressure system in the cabin starts to do its work. When the controller is in automatic mode, it ensures that the overpressure in the cabin remains at least 100PA. If there is too much or too little pressure in the cabin, an optical and acoustic alarm will be perceptible, whereby the operator is immediately warned of potential danger.


Up to three different filter types can be detected and showed on the control panel:

  • P1/F5 filter
  • P3/ HEPA filter
  • Carbon filter

When a filter is removed or installed incorrectly this will be displayed on the controller immediately.


The panel can optionally be expanded with a hydrocarbon meter. The HC value can be displayed with a button on the LED screen. Plus, the controller warns (also if the HC value is not displayed on the screen) when there is an exceedance of 5 PPM. This HC module can also be integrated at a later stage in the FFController 3000.


The advanced FFController 3000 series will warn you on time! The automatic regulation of the control panel drives the engine to 0-80% of its capacity. When over the years the cabin has started to leak to such an extend (by dehydration of rubber seals) that with 80% capacity the 100 Pascal pressure can no longer be achieved, it will give a pre-warning.

Subsequently you can plan an inspection appointment and no ad-hoc repairs will be necessary on site. These are direct savings on your maintenance costs of the machine!


The FFController is tested conform the guidelines: EMC, R&TTE and electronical safety. So you can be sure that all noticeable problems are fully excluded!

The FFController 5000 series defines a whole new generation of cab monitoring. All functions of the first generation controller can be found in this all-rounder. Below you can read which functions this is all about:


The new FFController 5000 series has an equal form factor as the 3000 series. Plus, the same cables are used so you can upgrade this to the latest model without adjustments to the machine.


The clear display provides all the require information to maintain a safe work climate in the cabin and warns on time in case of danger. With the intuitive control you can enter, edit or request filter details, without having to read 4 manuals first.


With the 12-pin external connection you can add or remove functions in module form. For example, external smell sensors, data logger (see below), green light or a 1/0 output depending on a sensor.


Up to four different smell sensors can be connected to the system so you can install specific sensors if you work in a heavily polluted environment. Plus, it is possible to install the sensors on the head of the jib.


The control system is standard equipped with a filter registration. Here the serial number, filter type, operating hours and installation date are stored. With the optional module GPRS you can download these details automatically from your computer.


The series 5000 control systems have flow measurement as standard. If the flow is too high, the alarm will switch on and it is advisable to have the cabin checked for leak tightness.


The FFController 5000 is tested conform the guidelines: EMC, R&TTE and electronical safety. So you can be sure that all noticeable problems are fully excluded!


With the built-in data modem you can remotely monitor and configure the work climate of your staff! With a data plan of a few euros per month you can manage your fleet worldwide via the online Freshfilter MCP (Machine Control Panel).